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Orders placed before 1pm will be dispatched same day from our uk warehouse
VIOFO A129 Series Compare and Comparison

VIOFO A129 Series Compare and Comparison

The Viofo A129 series is available for three models: A129 Duo, A129 Duo IR, and A129 Pro Duo. In 2018, we published the A129 Duo, which was one of the most popular dual-channel dashcams in 2018. Then we developed the A129 Duo IR especially for Uber, taxi, Lyft, and Ride-sharing drivers. Recently, we published A129 Pro Duo upgraded the previous version.

You may get confused about the name and size of these dashcams. No worries, the following information will help you to know the detailed specifications of each dashcam and which one to choose.

All A129 series achieved dual-channel video recording, including dual-band Wi-Fi with VIOFO app, buffered parking mode, Bluetooth remote control, GPS logger, 2’’inch LCD screen, up to 256GB microSD card, supercapacitor, and similar discreet design. A129 series is the top series of VIOFO dashcam contains some advanced functions applied by those top dashcam brands with a better price.

The biggest difference between these three products is the video resolution and recording range.

A129 Pro Duo has Ultra HD 2160P 4K for the front camera and Full HD 1080P for the rear camera which has the best video resolution among the three products. It could record road front and road rear.

A129 Duo and A129 Duo IR dash cameras achieve dual-channel Full HD1080P with Sony Starvis sensors. A129 Duo is a front and rear camera recording scene in front of and behind the vehicle. And the A129 Duo IR is a front and interior camera that records the road front and inside of the car. The interior camera has four infrared lights which have better performance in low light condition.

Here are two reference videos for you.

A129 Duo and A129 Duo IR comparison video

A129 Pro Duo video

How to Choose

If you prefer a better video quality, A129 Pro Duo with 4K Ultra HD recording could gain a much more clear, detailed and rich video quality. With 5GHz Wi-Fi, the download speed becomes faster for it uses the most advanced Wi-Fi technology on the market.

If you want a budget dual-channel dashcam with good video quality and some advanced functions for daily use, A129 Duo is always the best choice as an ordinary front and rear recording recorder.

If you plan to record inside of the car, choose A129 Duo IR. It is designed especially for Uber, Lyft, taxi, and ride-sharing drivers. It could also be used to record good memories of your family.